The Engine Room at Poundbury Gardens holds Coeliac Awareness Week event

Added on 12 June 2008

Visitors to The Engine Room at Poundbury Gardens, Dorchester, on Thursday 15th May, will be able to taste a variety of gluten and wheat free foods as part of Coeliac Awareness Week. The chef at Poundbury Gardens, Paul Swingler has invited Paula Deacon from Honiton company G-Free, makers of bread, cakes and pastries, to come and offer samples of gluten and wheat free foods.

"Coeliac Awareness Week is a great opportunity for us to get out and about, to talk about the problems faced by people who have Coeliac disease - especially when it comes to eating out in restaurants and caf├ęs. Paul is going to include gluten and wheat free bread and cakes everyday on his menu at The Engine Room and this is great news for the Coeliac's group in Dorchester which is a very active and has a membership of almost 500 people. Menus always highlight vegetarian food and of course local, traceable food is big news with chefs and caterers - but it would be great to think that all menus could include gluten-free food that is safe for Coeliac's to eat," said Paula Deacon from G-Free.

People suffering from Coeliac disease can become ill if they eat food containing wheat, barley, oats and rye and in most cases foods containing these products have to be completely avoided in the diet. "I am pleased to be welcoming Paula to The Engine Room and also Janet Down who is the organiser of the Coeliac's group in this area. As well as giving people an opportunity to taste the delicious gluten and wheat free bread and cakes, Paula and Janet will be able to answer any questions or concerns and I hope that the additional food on our menu will be helpful to people who suffer from Coeliac disease but still like to enjoy a meal out!" said Paul Swingler, chef at The Engine Room, Poundbury Gardens.

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