Sherborne plant finds its way home

Added on 10 May 2013

Castle Gardens, Sherborne has presented Canon Eric Woods of Sherborne Abbey with two very special pots of bulbs called Narcissus Sherborne. The stunning, double daffodils with golden yellow petals interspersed with orange were bred by JW Blanchard of Shillingstone, Dorset - and the large pots are now available for all to see lighting up the entrance to Sherborne Abbey.

Mike Burks managing director of The Gardens Group, explained: "We wanted to place these beautiful 'Sherborne' daffodils at the heart of the community, and Sherborne Abbey felt like the ideal place for local residents to appreciate them and for visitors to the town too. It's the wrong time of year for us to stock the bulbs for this variety of daffodil, but the good news is that we've secured a stock of them for later this year to flower in 2014. It would be good to see a whole bank of them on the entrance to Sherborne as they are magnificent flowers and seem to glow in the sunshine."

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