Poundbury Garden recognised in national environmental award scheme

Added on 08 January 2008

Poundbury Garden Centre recognised in national environmental award scheme

Poundbury Gardens, based in the heart of Poundbury, Dorchester, has been recognised for its outstanding environmental credentials in a national award scheme. The National Garden Retail Awards, which are a focus for the garden centre industry, short-listed Poundbury Gardens for an award in the category 'Best Environmental Practise'.

"Since the very beginning, when we first saw the old Poundbury Farm, which is now the garden centre and restaurant, we were totally committed to using sustainable building methods to sympathetically convert the buildings. We worked closely with the Duchy of Cornwall and with the contractors to make sure that every aspect of the development was handled sensitively. Our environmental commitment started from day one when old walls, tiles, windows and doors were all kept as part of the new garden centre. Wherever possible we kept the original structures and fittings - but at the same time we researched the very best new technology to kit out the centre with energy saving devices. So Poundbury Gardens is really a combination of new and old - an example of how existing buildings can go a long way towards being as environmentally sound as newly built," explained James Foster-Pegg, Director of The Gardens Group which owns Poundbury Gardens.

"We also installed as many environmentally friendly systems as possible so that, once the garden centre was up and running we would be as energy efficient as possible. Our heating system uses technology which allows us to re-cycle old pallets and waste, we collect water and in a huge tank which is buried beneath the garden centre and use this grey water to irrigate plants in dry weather and we compost as much as possible. We buy locally produced food for our restaurant to cut down on food miles, and have bat boxes and nesting boxes under the eaves of the building to encourage wildlife which in turn helps to keep down unwelcome insects. We also source organic fertilizers and composts and promote environmentally friendly forms of pest control so that our customers can access the very best products to match their own environmental efforts.

"We also encourage people to cycle to the centre by having bike racks outside. We are constantly working on ways to minimise our impact on the environment and encourage our customers to do the same. Gardeners are keen to keep the land green and pleasant for generations to come and we listen to their practical suggestions and pass these on to other gardeners," finished James.

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