Listed building is lovingly restored after fire

Added on 16 June 2008

Following a fire in March, which destroyed a large part of a Listed building and greenhouse at Castle Gardens in Sherborne, the re-building project has started and hopes are that the building, part of Sherborne Castle Estates, will be restored to its former glory by August.

"Our customers have been watching the project since the fire in March and I, along with our whole team, am happy to see the rebuilding work begin. The shop building is Listed, and so once the work is finished there will be little to show that such a major fire took place. So far the roof has been stripped of damaged slate and timber, but as much as possible will be re-used, in keeping with our own policy of recycling!" explained Mike Burks, MD of The Gardens Group.

A large greenhouse, which was also destroyed in the fire, will be rebuilt and it is hoped that the entire Garden Centre will be back in shape by September. The anticipated cost of restoring the Garden Centre is put at £0.5 million.

"The support of gardeners in the area has continued throughout this difficult period and we will remember the kindness for a long time. Now that the summer months are upon us, we are very busy, and as the building work is complete it will be great to move everything back into the shop area. By September we hope to be back to our former glory and as many people will know our Christmas displays will be the next thing on our minds," said Mike.

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