Added on 25 March 2010

After a long winter many lawns are looking in pretty poor shape. But where do you start in sorting them out ? Here's what to do:-

On a dry day give the lawn a light mowing to tidy it up.

Apply Westland lawn sand which will kill off moss and give the lawn a mild feed. Seven - ten days later rake out the dead moss with a spring-tined rake or if you have a large area use a mechanical scarifier.

Spike the lawn with a fork, preferably all over, but particularly where the grass is thin or where there are bare patches.

Top dress with Westland lawn and turf dressing, a mixture of sharp sand, peat and soil and then brush well in using a besom broom or the back of a rake.

Over sow with grass seed at a rate of 25g per square metre, this rate should be increased where there are bare patches to 35g per square metre.

As required mow the lawn but keep the mower at a raised setting to begin with reducing the height gradually over the next few weeks.

Three or four weeks later apply Evergreen Complete, which is a feed, weed and moss killer it also helps to retain the moisture.

If deep rooted perennial weeds - including dandelions, plantains and daisies - persist apply Verdone, which is a selective lawn weed killer.

As the grass begins to green up and grow quicker, increase the frequency of cutting and reduce the height of the mower.

In September allow the grass to grow slightly longer and repeat the treatment as above but with Evergreen Autumn.

Again if weeds are a particular problem apply Verdone in late August or early September in order for it to achieve the maximum effect.

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