Each little bird that sings

Added on 16 April 2008

The birds in the churchyard at St Catherine's Church, Montacute are being well tended by 11 year old Grace Furney from Montacute who attends All Saints Primary School in the village. Grace appealed in the Montacute village magazine for help in feeding the birds and Brimsmore Gardens in Yeovil was happy to help with bird feeding equipment and food.

Julie Furney, Grace's mum explained "Grace seems to have a way with all creatures great and small, but recently when a robin landed on her arm as she was tidying the garden, she decided to do all she could to encourage the birds to visit the churchyard opposite our home in Montacute. She wrote an appeal for the magazine and was thrilled when Brimsmore Gardens offered to help; in fact she hardly slept the night before the bird equipment was delivered."

Brimsmore Gardens donated bird feeding equipment to Grace including a feeding post which is in keeping with the historic surroundings, different feeders for nuts and seeds with big bags of food to top them up, a special woven cone feeder filled with fat and seeds, and a bird box with a natural slate roof to match the local buildings!

Adam Wallis, Manager at Brimsmore Gardens said: "We are always pleased to help children when they show an interest in their natural surroundings and in particular we encourage children to get involved with the outdoors. Grace is already a keen gardener and she understands that birds are an important part of a garden so we are really delighted to help."

Grace has so far seen her regular robin visitor, finches, blue tits and long tailed tits, thrushes and an acrobatic squirrel on her feeders. "I have included lots of different seeds and nuts in the feeders and watch the birds as they choose which type of food they are going to eat. The chaffinches really love the Nyger Seeds and the Blue Tits hang upside down eating the peanuts and other seeds. It's lovely to watch them early in the morning when they must be really hungry and thirsty. The churchyard has lots of trees and shrubs so they can catch insects too and find worms, which is really important."

For further information please contact Adam Wallis at Brimsmore Gardens, Tel 01935 411000. For further press information please contact Joanne Myram at Positive PR on Tel 01935 389497. (099) April 2008

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