“Catch all this rain” suggests Mike Burks of The Gardens Group

Added on 18 May 2007

As the BBC weather team predicts even more rain, and even some very early summer thunderstorms, gardeners are being urged to collect as much rain as possible to re-use when the sun makes its next appearance. Mike Burks of The Gardens Group is giving a timely reminder that in the next few weeks gardeners will almost certainly be looking at a very different landscape.

"When the rain is pouring, it's the easiest thing in the world to forget the scorched lawns and wilting plants of last year. We, as gardeners just look up to the sky and think will this ever end! It will - so now is the time to get out there and make sure that your water butts are collecting every last drop and keep the moisture that has already fallen onto flower beds by spreading a thick layer of mulch too. More wet weather is forecast until the end of May when a high pressure system is predicted to bring warmer weather and with it thunderstorms - so yet more rain," explained Mike Burks.

The Gardens Group is committed to helping gardeners with practical guidance and suggestions, many of which are simple everyday tips which are inexpensive and demand little equipment. Using newspapers, home made compost or wood chippings on beds to conserve moisture and collecting as much grey water as possible to water pots and baskets during dry weather.

As part of this drive to help gardeners to tackle the problems arising from the changing climate, The Gardens Group will be holding a special event on September 18th at Poundbury Gardens, Dorchester.

"There are many practical tips to help gardeners to cope with the challenges of hot, dry weather and our Climate Change event will be a practical, sensible and hands-on look at the effects of this global problem in our own gardens," said Mike.

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