Better than X factor - Louise picks up award for WOW factor!

Added on 03 February 2012

The Christmas displays at Castle Gardens in Sherborne have been recognised with an award for WOW factor! Presented to Louise Burks at a ceremony in Harrogate, the award was given because judges thought that the displays at Castle Gardens "stirred all the senses in their various themes and made great use of the area".

The Greatest Christmas Awards Judges said: "Castle Gardens had great original themes, such as the Downton Abbey theme and the 'German Market'. Customers can enjoy all the different sections and peep through one display to the next. All the senses are used to create a fun, interactive shopping experience - Christmas was even brought into the plantearea and there was a place where children could try out toys."

Part of The Greatest Garden Centre Team awards, the Gold award presented to Louise joins many top national awards for the Christmas displays at Castle Gardens and it is now proudly displayed in Sherborne.

"The judges mentioned our Downton Abbey display and it seems that this really captured their imagination and made a huge impact - we call it the Downton effect and it is great to see that we share the success of this series! We are just about to start planning our displays for 2012 so for us, Christmas is uppermost in our minds again," said Louise Burks, director of The Gardens Group and leader of the Christmas display team.

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