A Dame, a Bin Bag Wolf and a Garden Gnome from Sandford Orcas spotted in Sherborne

Added on 11 December 2009

Castle Gardens in Sherborne is sponsoring the Sandford Orcas Dramatic Society (SODS) in its production of 'Little Rude Hiding Fred and the Bin Bag Wolf', so some of the cast members paid the garden centre a visit to pick up ideas and magical inspiration!

In true panto tradition, the visit including some larking about in the enchanted forest display and woodland area and the Bin Bag Wolf had to be restrained amongst the gingerbread men.

The panto performances, which take place from 26th - 28th November, are set in an enchanted Castle Garden Centre and the plot is an adaptation of various famous pantos! It includes hilarious characters such as 'Little Red Riding Hoodie', the 'Bin Bag Wolf' and 'Forsythia - a Dame with a twist'.

"We love being involved in community projects but this is the first time we have been asked to support an event like this. I was only too happy to help out when SODS approached us but must admit I was a little worried about what we had let ourselves into when I heard the title," commented Mike Burks, MD of Castle Gardens, "As well as sponsoring the panto, we are providing plants, pots, trees and the props needed to make the stage come alive. The proceeds from ticket sales and programme advertising will go towards future productions and the Sandford Orcas Village Hall fund. We hope that the audience have a magical evening."

The play is being held at Sandford Orcas Village Hall from 7.30pm on the 26th, 27th and 28th November. Tickets are now on sale and available from the box office on 01935 220666 or 01963 220270. Mark Freestone, Writer, Director and Garden Gnome said: "We were thrilled to have the support of Castle Gardens, the Christmas displays at the Centre were a great inspiration and Mike has offered us all we need to create similar scenes at the village hall to help the audience feel like they are part of the production."

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