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Bedding plants

Read some suggestions for bedding plants in specific places in your garden.

Beginning to grow your own...

A simple guide for your journey toward some home grown produce - for health, wealth and happiness!

Bonsai Trees

A fascinating ancient art with a wealth of history and subtlety. Not just for the expert - a simple bonsai tree can be a superb houseplant or garden specimen and easy to maintain by following a few basic guidelines.

Choosing a tree

There are many benefits of having a tree or two in the garden. Clever placement of a tree can add a new dimension, whether just to create height or to screen off a bad view.

Clematis for north aspects

Your guide to the varieties of clematis which will tolerate north facing aspects and still produce flowers.

Clematis in containers

Everything you need to know about choosing a clematis to grow in a container instead of the ground, from choosing the right pot to watching the perfect flower come into bloom.

Gardening in Autumn

The Gardens Group top tips to help your garden flourish this season and next.

Growing Ginger indoors

A fun houseplant project

Growing peas

The flavour of freshly picked garden peas is much finer than that of either fresh or frozen field grown peas - one of the great treats of the vegetable growers year.

Growing Potatoes at Home

An easy introduction to growing one of the UK's favourite vegetables