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Bedding plants

Read some suggestions for bedding plants in specific places in your garden.

Beginning to grow your own...

A simple guide for your journey toward some home grown produce - for health, wealth and happiness!

Bonsai Trees

A fascinating ancient art with a wealth of history and subtlety. Not just for the expert - a simple bonsai tree can be a superb houseplant or garden specimen and easy to maintain by following a few basic guidelines.

Changes to familiar chemicals in 2015

A summary of withdrawn and reformulated products plus a look at the challenges these may present.

Pest and disease issues are constantly changing and our advice is regularly being updated.

Clematis for north aspects

Your guide to the varieties of clematis which will tolerate north facing aspects and still produce flowers.

Common Calculations

Useful common calculations used in gardening.

Companion Planting Talk support notes

Our notes on companion planting, designed to support one of our series of FREE 'better gardening' talks.

Coping with drought conditions

Some suggestions from Mike Burks to help you through a long dry spell in the garden.

Creating a Terrarium

10 easy steps

Modern terrariums are light, airy and very trendy. A wonderful way to get creative with indoor gardening!

Creative ways with spring flowering bulbs

Planting flower bulbs is an easy, versatile way of having colour in your borders and containers at times of the tome of year when there is very little else in flower.