Environment and Ethics

At The Gardens Group we have an opportunity to make a difference to the environmental impact our customers and we, as a business, have. We're dedicated, not just to our local community, but to the wider landscape and the huge global issues we are all part of.  As a team, we are continually looking at greener initiatives to introduce into our garden centres as we believe that even small measures can have a huge impact – especially when we also gently and positively encourage the thousands of gardeners we speak to every day to make the same small changes.

Our everyday work has this in mind and when possible, we try to inform and educate our customers along the way so between us we are contributing to the future of our community, area, country and ultimately the environment as a whole.

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The work we do to support our environment, community and wildlife

Approach to garden chemicals

Approach to peat

Environmental Policy

The Green Shed

Wildlife Friendly Gardening Competition